Homeless guy Givi case.
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Thread: Homeless guy Givi case.

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    Homeless guy Givi case.

    Being the 'reduce-reuse-recycle' kinda guy it was only natural to mount single milk crate onto the Tw's rack. Dog #1, Sprocket, was fine riding in it with no more then a web cargo net stretched over the top of the box. Then came dog #2, Decker the white one, and he would try to exit every time he saw another mutt. Well I had a bunch of these milk crates and a piece of piano hinge so..... Well, you get the idea. It was a bitch to drill into the metal strap at the top of the crate, so hard the drill bit had to be resharpened with each hole. Finally once done I stood back and was congratulating myself on my frugal engineering brilliance when my brother-in-law stopped by. He took one look and says "Looks like something a homeless guy would make with crap he stole from in back of the grocery store." Nice, from engineering genius to homeless guy in one sentence. It works well though.

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    It's only the end of the rode if you fail to make the turn.

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    That is awesome on so many levels......

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    Quote Originally Posted by 29andSingle View Post
    That is awesome on so many levels......
    Yes. And color coordinated with the rest of the bike as well. It looks factory installed.

    Nicely done.

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    i bet the pooches know the're not homeless,no wine bottle.
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    Super chick magnet!
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    My '87 TDub was born amidst the fervor of Miami Vice! And it looks like Don Johnson's wardrobe!Hidden Content Hidden Content

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    Great idea and cute dogs!

    I have also re-purposed a number of similar milk crates. While I have never heard of anybody actually being prosecuted for misappropriating these crates, I usually spend a few minutes to remove or obscure the warnings and owner identifications if I plan to use these out in public view (the milk crate police don't carry guns, do they ?).

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    Remember when everyone gave Romney a hard time for having a dog in a crate on the roof of his car? I bet nobody would've said a word if he was on a bike!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alien mastermind View Post
    Remember when everyone gave Romney a hard time for having a dog in a crate on the roof of his car? I bet nobody would've said a word if he was on a bike!
    Sure they would have. Leftists bitch about everything. It is the only thing they do well.

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    Those are two lucky dogs to have such a creative and caring chauffeur.
    I agree, awesome on many levels.
    Brian, I like your milk crate relabeling strategy, but then you are the guy with "Highway Service" Duro rear tire so I expected nothing less than your reoccurring brilliance.

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    I think you did a great job re-purposing those blue milk crates....what a great use.
    I wanted a blue milk crate but had to buy mine and I love how easy it is to just toss things in and re-attach the bungie net over the top.
    Then Slideways, like you, when my cousin saw it she laughed and told me how now my bike looks like a little old lady's bike or the wicked witch from the west....kind of hurt my feelings since I really like the practicality of it. I also went with the blue and I still like it.

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