Video: Field Repair of drowned engine
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Thread: Video: Field Repair of drowned engine

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    Video: Field Repair of drowned engine

    Shared from YouTube.

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    Interesting instructional video. I guess if we flip our TWs over it would be important to remove the battery first.
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    I had to flip my bike upside down to remove a valve adjusting tool from the valve gallery once. Had to remove the mirrors so as not to damage them. This problem was solved by the invent of Mrgizmo valve adjusting tool. Dirts a Flyen. SanDue
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    Kudos to HKLBRY for all the effort and forethought that had gone into some recent changes to the forum. I am still in the 'trying to figure it out stage'.

    All good information on the video though I had to chuckle; the thought of getting my bike upside down/right side up, then kicking it over 10 to 15 times left me out of breath. Given I have a Spot emergency transmitter, before I started the procedure, to be on the safe side, think I would push the 911 button on the Spot. Gerry
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    LOL, good video but too much work. I had my Gf drown my Polaris sportsman 400 a few years ago trying to cross deep part of cache creek. We rope towed it to shallow water. The exhaust opening had got under water, engine stalled and then pipe filled up and filled combustion chamber. After hitting starter button and few times could hear that engine was hydro locking. Spark plug is not easily accessible on this quad. grabbed rope pull back up and slowly pulled engine over about 10 times. Hit starter button and she fired up and pumped a lot of water out exhaust. Air filter didn't get any water in it so was good there. Checked oil, water in it. Still rode for a few hours and when back home flushed engine oil out about 3 times with cheap motor oil. Another time was with group and one of our riders drowed his quad. we all stood it on end to drain exhaust and eventually got engine to turn over and start. Again the spark plug was not easy to remove....(I now install a old radiator hose/aluminum pipe to exhaust when crossing that deep part of creek)
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