Study "finds" diet soft drinks can be a cause of heart troubles...
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Thread: Study "finds" diet soft drinks can be a cause of heart troubles...

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    Study "finds" diet soft drinks can be a cause of heart troubles...

    Can diet soft drinks contribute to heart trouble in women? - Diabetes - MSN Healthy Living

    Notice the quotations... I'm sorry but this just seems a bit ridiculous to me. Did the researchers responsible for this study ever stop to consider other possible causes of the heart troubles the women in their study group experienced? It seems logical to ME that the women who drank a lot of diet soda, were drinking it BECAUSE they felt that they already HAD health problems enough to make them want to drink DIET soda (example: obesity). So would not the health problems that they ALREADY HAD be responsible for the heart problems that they experienced during the course of the study, as opposed to diet soft drinks being a cause of those heart troubles? I find these types of issues with a lot of so-called "studies". They go through all this effort with research-subject groups, years of studying them, etc, etc. But they fail to stop and think about the small things that could make their efforts virtually pointless. Another example of a study I remember reading about: it went something like "people are xx percent more likely to die in a car crash within X miles from their homes", "in a study of x thousand regular drivers, xx percent of them died in serious crashes and xx percent of those who did, did so within x miles of their homes". That study failed to consider the simple fact that these people were more likely to die in serious crashes near their home because they were simply far more likely to be DRIVING NEAR THEIR HOMES... Anyway things like this get on my nerves a bit, so just venting here, thinking through my keyboard lol. I find TW forum to be a great place for keyboard-thinking

    EDIT: I just went back and read the rest of the article, and found that it actually quotes people pointing out the issues that I bring up with the study... So why do they even bother publishing such uselessly inconclusive garbage?
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    Any study can result in any result you want. I don't put any credence in any study.


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    the one thing that stopped me from drinking diet pop was the aspertaing. it is a known carcenngen , and already having kidney cancer i don't need to go thru that again .it also is known to impair memory .i use splenda for a sweetener ,its a dirrivative of corn sugar.i am diabetic .as for the diet soda study ,a lot of skinny people drink it just to stay that way.most everthing that you eat nowadays has been studied to death and found not good for all we can do is eat in moderation and hope to live another day.
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