AGood things come to those who wait (see how I did that there?)
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Thread: AGood things come to those who wait (see how I did that there?)

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    AGood things come to those who wait (see how I did that there?)

    Hello TW fans!

    I have finally taken delivery of my 2013 Yamaha AG200 here in Ulaanbaatar. Better still, I found secure indoor parking right next to my building for 2,000 MNT ($1.13) a day! The exploring begins this weekend, and I'm looking for suggestions on a good-quality, sturdy digital camera to take along. I want to show all you good folks the scenery 'round here after all ;-)

    So, suggestions on brands of digital cameras, binoculars, tents, sleeping bags, camping/adventure riding gear, and any other odds and ends you folks like to pack, would be greatly appreciated.

    Stay tuned! Pics will be coming soon.

    Ride safely,

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    Pete, having explored a great many remote areas of the world over a period that now spans more than thirty years, I most certainly can make suggestions on the gear you talk about. In fact that is probably one of the few things I can comment on. (I'm not so great on mechanical things, and there are real live experts living on this site). However, I suppose to do that I would need a bit more information about conditions expected and temperatures for some of the gear, and of course availability is another issue. However, a couple I can field right now. For a good rugged camera that takes superb pictures I would recommend the Cannon Powershot Elph 300 HS. It's very thin, very reliable, has good battery life and takes great pictures. Binoculars are easy too, in a way. If you have tons of disposable cash just get a pair of Swarovskis and call it done. However, if you are not in the trust fund category, and you can source them, look at leupolds, swift, and steiners. I have all three. The leupolds are the best for the money, then the steiners (usually more costly) and the swift (generally more costly than the other three). If you get much more than 8x stability issues will begin to make themselves apparent. MSR and Snowpeak make good stoves and cooking gear as does Trangia.

    Give me an idea of what conditions you will encounter and I will suggest some tents and bags. You may be able to source Snugpak bags there, and they are decent gear. If you will encounter much wet, then synthetic may be your choice for insulation, if mostly dry or you are confident in you ability to keep your gear dry, then down is still king, for reasons of compressability, weight and warmth to those ratios.

    Congratulations on the bike and a warm safe place to keep her.
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