Ever load your bike on top of a truck bed cover?
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    Ever load your bike on top of a truck bed cover?

    This guy puts his motorcycle on top of the truck bed cover, instead of inside the bed. Guess that leaves you a lot more room for camping gear?

    -edit- Can anyone figure out how to make a video uploaded to FB play here? -edit-

    Figured it out, sort of:
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    FaceBook, right? Wife is pro, not me. Try in FB window to click on "share" and see if you can find a listed URL to "copy" then "paste" here just like a UTube video.
    Bike on top of p.u. bed sounds like a snowmobilers trick. I would hate to load and unload from that height.

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    Wow! I thought it would be one of those bike loading 'fail' videos. He's good!

    edit* I saw the facebook username and googled "jack field" trials and there's a bunch of acrobatic trials videos.
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    Yeah he's good but I'm pretty sure he just f$#*ed up that tonneau cover.

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