Politics, Fishing, and Ship High In Transit
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Thread: Politics, Fishing, and Ship High In Transit

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    Politics, Fishing, and Ship High In Transit

    I'd like to suggest we keep this forum limited to our beloved Dubs and save the politics for another locale. What do you think?

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    Or we could ask the admin to start a politics & prostitutes section (like the basement on ADV) that our members have to subscribe to (not visible to the general public ).

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    That is a great idea Will. There is a wonderful amount of TW related information and some very knowledgeable riders who have helped me gain information about our fun machines. It is a shame that a handful of members want to turn this forum into AM Radio.

    Happy Trails All

    Ron in Boise
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    Typically on our sites, politics and religion are off limit topics. However, on occasion, we have added such a section if there is enough demand. I'll talk to the site owners and see what their thinking is. Meanwhile, I'm curious just how many of you want to see this happen?
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    I think some political discussion should be allowed when it's related to motorcycling. Example, BLM want to shut down an area and may be supported or not by local, state, or federal government. Since it may affect our access to riding area's and it's political, maybe this is appropriate.
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    Probably a good idea to keep it off (except as Admiral mentioned), and I'm as guilty as anybody else as far as bringing it up.
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    No politics please.
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    I would really like to see this great forum remain pure to our specialized little TW motorcycles. The occasional informational governmental information regarding our riding areas I don't have a problem with, we all need to be aware of those things. There are plenty of other places I can find "Oates that have already been thru the Horse". Otherwise "TW200 IT IS"!!!!
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    I'd say that's enough responses to see we don't need it here.
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    I think we need to know what's going on in the political world if it relates to motorcycles. Helps to make decisions at the voting booth.
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