Young, single, with a good job.
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Thread: Young, single, with a good job.

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    Young, single, with a good job.

    Well, yesterday Weasel and I decided to head into the big city. We needed TW oil filters and another set of bar risers to get ready for the upcoming Michigan Cycle Conservation Club Rites of Spring ride. Plus, we needed a part for the Chevy truck and I needed an oil filter for the Ranger. Everything went according to plan until the last stop which was the Polaris shop. We ended up heading back to the ranch for the trailer. Kids these days. So impulsive. It is pretty sweet though. He can dust my Ranger 800 in a heartbeat. On the other hand he really lacks in the wood hauling category.

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    Glad that's going to be his payment book. Probably never see my trailer again either.
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    Fun toy!!! Enjoy it and get any shenanigans on camera

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    Actually peteyb, I think he has already had it on it's side in the hayfield. Like I said, glad it's his payment book. Those things ain't cheap.
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    January 1st at our annual "Bowl Fest" at LaOtto, Indiana, best friend's youngest showed me his new $14,000 4 wheeler...trailered it and headed off to the Northern Indiana Farmland...8 hours later, back he was, with several thousand dollars damage as he managed to roll in down a frozen creek Borneo sez..."Those things aren't cheap"...but the kid is a college grad and has a good, he could pay for Toy Repairs
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    Quote Originally Posted by Borneo View Post
    Those things ain't cheap.
    I have never really had a use for one, but I have always wanted a really good, generous friend that owned one.
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