Glad it's not on my conscience.
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Thread: Glad it's not on my conscience.

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    Glad it's not on my conscience.

    14 hours on the road today, pulled the truck into the yard after idling slowly around the park where a girls t-ball team was ending practice. Pushing Tdub out of the warehouse when I heard a straight-piped Harley rev up, dump the clutch, and accelerate down the street at full throttle. Caught a glimpse of Mr. Lifestyler in his black wife beater and no helmet flash by with a little girl about 5 propped up in front of him. Don't know what happened, but when he hit 2nd I heard the engine rev until the valves floated, the screech of metal on asphalt. I bolted out the gate and was the first to arrive, the first victim I came to was the little girl. Though I couldn't see the damage to her head, it probably didn't matter because there was a bloody 6-foot smear of brain and her chin was resting between her shoulder blades. She was probably dead before the slide stopped. I closed her eyes and mouth, then headed back towards the crowd to warn people off. Mr. Lifestyler was pinned under the bike and whining for someone to pick up the bike, a very custom chopper, so I did, then shoved it all the way over on the other side into the ditch.

    "What the f--- did you do that for, a$$ + O?"

    "She's dead, a$$ + O," accidently tripping over his face on my way back to the yard.

    I can't believe the way some of the lifestylers are.

    EDIT: And that, Children, is why I am not a biker.

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    Damn..... Just, Damn. I am truly sorry you had to see that.I will say a prayer for that little girl and even her "lifestyle father".


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    just sad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty View Post
    EDIT: And that, Children, is why I am not a biker.
    Yet, here you are.

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    That kind of image can scar you for life. Sorry Querty, I think you already have mentioned how you feel about humanity in general. That's the kind of thing that can reaffirm your disdain. Now for the lifestyler. He's got to live with that for the rest of his life. I wouldn't want to be him.
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    " Let me show how fast this bike is" The last words heard by so many people.

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    That is horrible.
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    Bless you for what you did. So sorry you had to see that. What an unbelievable imbecile. Move him to the top of the "You Can't Fix Stupid" list. To hear of a child killed by this 'genious' it saddens me. In my mind, you showed a lot of restraint, Qwerty. I know my mouth would have gone off the deep end. AAaarrrggh! Not even going to type what I'm thinking.
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    That's just F-in sad. I don't know what else to say. The guy will be living a hell on earth thinking about that, I hope.
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    If you have to go, quick is what I would assume is the best way. It sounds like she couldn't have suffered much, if at all; which in my opinion is a good thing. I cannot imagine what the family is going through right now. My soon to be 5 year old son is the light of my life and wouldn't even consider letting him ride with me sans helmet (no matter how much he begs). My days on this earth would probably be short lived if I lived in his shoes (from grief and guilt). Dear LORD, keep this little girl and all the children who fall victim to the thoughtless people in this world. -Amen
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