Helmet statistics.
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Thread: Helmet statistics.

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    Helmet statistics.

    First, let me say this. Wear a helmet. Second, let me observe that the main comparison is between automobile drivers and bicyclists, but motorcycle statistics are included. (I am always skeptical of statistics, so take this with a grain of salt.) On the other hand, I was surprised as to the ranking of motorcyclists (which may be because many motorcyclists do indeed wear helmets) but I was also very interested in driver behavior around helmeted and non-helmeted riders. Wear a wig? ORLY? I have to go plant trees, but for those who are interested, here is the article.

    More on why we shouldn't have mandatory helmet laws : TreeHugger
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    First Off: I had two major motorcycle wrecks one in 1974 and another in 1987...wearing a helmet both times, and once it saved my face, the second, likely my life{or at least serious head/brain injury{some say that I must have got those anyway}....having said that, when it's 80 degrees and sunny and I am just cruising around town{where both accidents occurred} or Grand Lake at slow and cruising speeds, I don't usually wear one....just depends on the mood...I enjoy being able to see what's around me, without the Helmet.

    Still in most, if not all, riding, you should wear a Helmet....especially in Dual Sport situations...but Mandatory Helmet laws are basically foisted on us by "do gooders" and insurance companies....the first wanting to control the rest of the populations daily lives, and the other to save themselves paying out bigger bucks{and I have no problem with the seconds reason, but plenty with the "do gooders"...
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    Luckily I live in Indiana where we still have some freedoms left. I usually wear a helmet and all the gear but not always. If I dont wear a helmet I wont ride above 35-40. So yes it does make me ride slow and more cautious. If I have all my gear on I can fly and it doesnt bother me. The wife and I like to cruise around on the scooter on the back roads 35mph and below and its nice. Ive know people who have wrecked at 100+mph with no gear and crashed and they came out fine besides some rash. We had a teacher who fell over at less than 10mph with a helmet on and he hit his neck on a curb and it killed him. I think you have a better chance of survival with gear on but I think it should be our choice not some do gooder politician. Whether its helmets, seatbelts, smoking or whatever I believe it should be our own freedom to choose.
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    As a former LEO, I literally picked up/scraped up brains from non-helmet wearing M/C riders in accidents. I also attended a few helmet wearing fatalities. I wear a helmet to make it an easier "cleanup" situation for other LEOs if I ever get smushed. John
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