Thoughts on acceptable/unacceptable forum behavior
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Thread: Thoughts on acceptable/unacceptable forum behavior

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    Thoughts on acceptable/unacceptable forum behavior

    Well GaryL I can agree with much of what you've said. I do off road stuff and pass over street mod stuff. For now at least. But who knows what my interest will be tomorrow?

    I check the new posts and read topics that seem interesting. Fred's dilemma about how to approach the kid seemed like an interesting and compelling topic to follow.

    What irks me is when a topic such as this is used to mock, ridicule, and otherwise castigate a large portion of the members on this forum. Uncivil behavior killed CB radio for it's intended purpose in just a few years. Then it drifted into Amatuer Radio. I obtained an Extra Class license in an attempt to get away from those annoyances. But even on those limited bands the uncivil behavior grew. I no loger operate at all.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I seem to see the same thing happening on forums. I do not have enough years left to spend them listening to people vigorously expressing their personal biases.

    I'm sorta with you on Facebook. I joined years ago and quickly closed my account. But when I complained about two of my daughters not responding to emails they explained they had hundreds of unread emails and that I should get with the rest of the world and join Facebook which I reluctantly did. It's ok but it certainly does not take the place of a forum like this.

    Now for certain, if someone posts a topic such as MY PERSONAL POLITICAL BIASES, I would not click it and would never know what was in it. But when the topic is the one about approaching the topic of death with a child and MY PERSONAL POLITICAL BIASES is slipped in here and there, I just think that is wrong and uncivil.

    If a person wants to make those kinds of statements I think they should start their own thread with a title that reflects the topic.

    That said, we should probably be discussing this on a new thread titled THOUGHTS ON ACCEPTABLE/UNACCEPTABLE FORUM BEHAVIOR.

    Good idea. I'll start it.
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    Opinions are just like another part of our bodies that we all have! I don't know anything about anyone here who got castigated for expressing their personal opinion. I can't think of any one that I agree with 100% of the time but I am also not thin skinned and can take any ridicule tossed my way. People on forums and on Face Book can say lots of things in lots of ways they would not dare say face to face so I just let anything said derogatory slide off or I quip with a snide remark and refuse to argue any further. I don't expect any one to agree with me all the time and I am sure there are some here who simply can't handle any disagreement.

    Off Topic is not in the TW forums! It is in Other Forums and as such I don't believe it has any effect in the main forum. Go to Off Topic at your own will and I hope no tears get shed. More often than not the ones doing the most crying made a post guaranteed to stir some controversy and then got hurt when others responded. Bait and Switch.

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    This may not be acceptable, but it sure ain't political.....

    Me and the Grandson have been out in the somewhat warm sunshine{finally}...seems he gets more seat time on the TW than Grandpa these days....and this coming weekend with mom and dad in Chicago for a Conference, he will spend the majority of the Memorial Weekend with Grandpa and Grandma....and this my friends{and detractors} is one Hell of a lot more important than doing a fine wine about somebody's political opinions that might offend you:

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    Super cute kid! Love the smile on his face in the helmet, he is obviously thinking about riding the bike!
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    I just made a post to explain how the forum works
    please read trailscout and others who dont understand they are in the wrong. Im not trying to be mean but you are getting mad about stuff thats not even in the tw200 forum. There is an fz-09 forum on this site also and its not tw related. I explained it the best I could in the general discussion of the tw200 section
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