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Thread: Give it to Mel!

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    Give it to Mel!

    Revered Forum Member Mel expressed an interest in an old inoperative tractor I have laying around. I half jokingly offered it to him, he half jokingly accepted. Now I do I go ahead and give it to him or urge him to seek counseling at Tractors Anonymous?

    This may be a good example of one person's trash is another's treasure. Or it may get Mel sleeping in the doghouse when his wife finds out he has added another dinosaur to his collection. Tractor may be salvageable, and given Mel's experience he may get her running and back in service. I know I shall never put the required effort into it, was keeping it as a possible donor of new hydraulic rams and hoses for a future project. Personally I would be pleased to see it appreciated by Mel. It is a 400 mile trip each way for Mel to pick it up so this represents a bit of effort for him. It is no John Deere, parts are hard to find. She even has a hand carved transmission piece I made ( me and my pocket knife again) since a shifter fork seemed unavailable.

    What do you folks say? Keep the albatross around my neck or pass it on to Mel? ( Actually I post here now only as an expedient way to get Mel more pictures of the beast while teasing him a bit on the side)

    And yes, I could probably go to a tractor forum and sell it for some coin but I am kind of getting attached to you crazy bunch.
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    Give it to Mel. It would be in good hands. A 400 mile trip is nothing to him. ha ha

    He would be there in the morning with the flatbed when you wake up if you say yes...

    He has the experience to fix it no problem even if he has to make the parts.

    So why not?
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    That tractor just needs a little TLC and it will be fine. If Mel will show the little beast some love, give the little beast Mel.

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    Vote so far: 2 to 0 Mel gets a tractor. Although not the implement behind, a floating scrapper box for snow removal on gravel driveway I push with other tractor.
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    Mel to the rescue is my vote.

    After this past winter and using my Polaris RZR to plow all the snow I am seriously considering my options. Thinking of buying a small four wheel drive tractor that can have a good sized snow blower mounted out front where a bucket usually is. Every year I start out pushing the first few snow falls pretty far into the yard just so I don't get locked in with no more room for the next storms. I was very diligent this year and pushed extra far but still got caught miserably and by late January I was screwed. I had 6 foot high snow banks and barely enough of a path to get in and out and the RZR worked it's little rear off just keeping the main drive open and getting stuck more times than I care to mention. I need some serious snow removal equipment such as the tractor Fred has but I need it set up right and running solid in some mighty harsh conditions. I'll have to sell the RZR and one of my boats to make it happen but I can't go through another winter like this without it.

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    Gary, you might take a look at a FWD Deere 4100 hydro tractor. I have one here in MA and another in NH. It takea a Deere front mounted blower that throws snow like crazy. In a few years I might sell you mine when we downsize. Will
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    MAKE Mel take it off your hands!!!

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    William, I have to agree with you on the idea of a John Deere 4100 hydro. I have had one for about 10 years now and am still amazed at what 20 HP diesel can do. I have no need for snow removal but have set mine up for multiple uses. The quick attach front bucket and a quich hitch on the back make it very versital. With the rear wheels reversed for a wider stance and the rear tires loaded it is very stable on the uneven slopes here on Bear Mountain. Other similar tractors will also do the job. Give it to Mel !!!

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    give it to mel, and deadline of june 23rd... that way we can see it running for the russ rally.
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    While I do believe Mel is just fine, there is something very theraputic about using tools, getting your hands dirty, and tinkering with things that make you smile.

    Let Mel adopt it.
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