Headin' to Utah!
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    Headin' to Utah!

    This Saturday my girlfriend and I are leaving Manitoba, Canada and heading towarda Utah. We're going to drive west to Idaho then head south and explore the state. We plan to hit all the National Parks we can and do quite a bit of camping, hiking, rafting, canyoneering, all the fun stuff tha state has to offer! If there's anyone from Utah that knows anything specific worth checking out?, please let me know!

    We'll be driving my Civic and have no means of trailering the TW. By any chance is there a place to rent small CC bikes to explore some trails?

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    Im not from the area but been there a few times. In Zion np the narrows is a nice hike. You are walking upstream so you will get wet. I think the other was angels landing. The amphitheater in Bryce is a neat hike about 3 mile. Lots of nice roads. Definitely take highway 12. If coming from I-70 take 24 to 12 down to zion and bryce. The burr trail is an awesome drive and can be done in any car. At least go to the bottom of the switchbacks. Burr trail runs into 12 at Boulder "boulder mesa" is a good place to eat. . Anything around moab is nice. 28 canyonlands and arches. The lasal mtn loop is a nice drive. If your going to glacier np you must drive the going to the sun rd which is the only one that goes through the park. Its one of the top 5 roads in the U.S. Any hike there is nice especially in the NE park of the park. Lots of white water rafting in the area. 89 s is a great rd. NE exit of Yellowestone "beartooth pass" is a killer road one of my top 5 "may not be open yet" Yellowstone is easy as most things to see are right by the road and you can drive close to everything. So much to see. Utah and Colorado are hard to beat in my book. Good luck and have fun

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