A Change of Pace
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Thread: A Change of Pace

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    A Change of Pace

    While it seems things have got a bit "Heated" over some subjects of late here in the "Off Topic" section...I thought, and perhaps I'm wrong, that those of us that frequent here should indeed know a bit more about each other, except from the comments made that we might agree or disagree with: Most of my life is laid out in stories and photos on my blog I started 7 years ago...at least in the early blog posts I made the first four or 5 years...I have slowed down quite a bit since then...but here it is in the short form...read and enjoy, or ignore as you wish...I'm not out to impress anybody:

    Born in 1949 in Ohio I grew up in south Florida, until the family returned to Western Ohio in 1963 as I began High School...played baseball and football in HS and was a mediocre student...worked for a year in a Bike Factory after graduation in 1967, shunned college, because frankly, I hated school and was too lazy to study, joined the Air Force in 68 one step ahead of the draft...
    elida district.jpg

    Became a Air Force Cop, called Security Police at the time, volunteered for Vietnam while at my first duty station in Delaware because I was bored...worked Law Enforcement at Nha Trang AB on the South China Sea, a resort area of sorts{is today for sure}...extended and was shipped to Saigon at Tan Son Nhut AB...came home in late 1970 and finished out my 4 year tour at Griffiss AFB in Rome, NY...

    Nha Trang Civilian Gate.jpg

    Back in Ohio I was quickly sick of Factory Work, and managed a nite club for a couple years, before finally figuring out I needed to do "something" with my life at 26 years old...off to Ohio University majoring in Biology, and then to Wright State where I mastered in Environmental Health...by this time I was married and my wife, with patience beyond reason followed me to Wisconsin, her home state, where I went to Broadcasting School, eventually working in Radio News and Cable TV News...Wisconsin, Kokomo, Indiana, and Dodge City, Kansas, were locations I called home for a short time....back to West Ohio, where I took over as Program Director of a local station and worked sports play-by-play for area Television. By this time I left full time radio and went to work for the local health department....I would work 20 years in Environmental Health, retiring in 2002 at the ripe old age of 53...I continued to Broadcast on a part~time basis until 2008....

    Pete Rose and Pat 1986 3 septia.jpg

    Since then, I delivered Motorhomes/RV around the country for six years between 2002-2008, that along with my Sports Officiating kept me busy....since 2008 I have worked all levels of Baseball, mostly College and High School, and High School Basketball and Football....at 65 I have not slowed down yet.

    On the family side, my wife, a semi~retired school teacher in Special Education and I have been together for 40 years, married for 37...3 children, a daughter born in 1979, who was born with multiple handicaps, despite being "retarded" she is the light that guides us, and keeps us on our toes, trying to live our lives so she can have a good one. My oldest son, born in 1981 is a Actuarial Science Graduate of Ohio State, and works in the Chicago area, near O'Hare Airport and is a National Inventory Manager for a large corporation...he is single. My youngest son, born in 1984 lives near Dayton, Ohio, his wife of 3+ years is a law school graduate of the University of Dayton, Son has both is BA and Masters in Education from Wright State University....they both opted to help others, Son owns his own Autism Research Group and travels the nation and Caribbean Island nations to help educate the educators about Autism...his wife also works with Autism afflicted youngsters, and is an executive with one of the nation's largest Autism/Behavior Support Leaders....they have one son, "The K~Man" who keeps all of us in line at 2 1/2 years old, and another K~Man2 who is due in August, God Willing....My wife and I raised and bred Airedale Terriers for nearly 40 years and our breed line is still located throughout this country....we lost our last one, "Reagan"{name after you know who} at the age of 14 two years ago, when she passed we decided to stop with the practice, could not stand to lose another, and getting older, we plan on traveling, and it would not be fair to us or the dogs.


    That's It in the short....I consider myself a Christian, mom was a Catholic dad was a Pentecostal, but neither practiced when we were growing up...we were not force fed Religion, but I studied and became what I am, a sinning Christian, back in 2001...I try to convert nobody to my way of thinking...my wife on the other hand, is a practicing Christian, and a former Lutheran, who became jaundiced with the leanings and left wing ways of the Major Church groups, who have strayed far from the Bible...but that is another subject.

    Perfect I am not, Opinionated I am....and anything I would say on this site, I would certainly say to your face.

    tw200 006.JPG

    I began riding in 1974 first bike was a Dual Sport{we called them On/Off Road bikes back then} Kawasaki 250...after a few years I quit riding, then began again in 1981 with a 650 Yamaha Street Bike and a 550 Suzuki ...after my second nasty wreck, I quit again in 1988 before getting the itch and purchasing a TW in March of this year, after a year or so of "thinking about it"....

    Photos-Hoot Umpiring 1st base at the High School District Tournament in Elida last week{2} Working the Civilian Entry Gate at Nha Trang in October 1969{3) Interviewing Reds Manager/Player Pete Rose in Dayton in 1986 for our Cable Station{4} Airedales{5} and Me and the New TW in March the day I picked it up in Maumee, Ohio. CLICK TO ENLARGE
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    Nice sentiment and a nice write-up Hoot and it sounds like you have a wonderful life. My writing skills are not the best and I may try to follow your lead here when I am ready to be that public about my life.
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    Wonderful. Wonderful story!
    My younger sister was considered retarded. But she amazed me all the time.
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