Found this online today.
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Thread: Found this online today.

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    Found this online today.

    My vvvvvvvvvv bbb
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    War Sucks, especially when you have a dimwitted public, led by dimwitted leadership in the White House, that neither knows or cares what the Mission is about....and are only looking to score political points with our enemies, whether within our borders or outside those same lines.....been there done that....I Salute your son Zdiver1 for his sacrifice and service.

    "Hoot", Long ago in a Land far away....

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    Happy Father's Day Gentleman{to those of you that are or have one}...
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    Very happy that your son is OK and hired in the PO. I used my vet points back in 1974 when I started in the prison system. The resentment from the others who I jumped ahead of was astonishing as they had no respect for those who served during Vietnam. It was a different time back then and I pray things have changed for the better today. Pass a long a salute from an old salt helicopter air crewman to your son. The job they did is just as thankless as the one me and Hoot did long ago.

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    I'm so happy that he is still with you and you get to enjoy Fathers Day. I have nothing but sincere respect and admiration for these men and women who signed on knowing where the were going. Courage to the extreme! Thank him and congratulate him for us. I hope he gets the best route with the nicest people, he sure earned it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zdiver1 View Post
    This is how the soldier killed was sent home with honor the 10th Mountain way. the end is a killer.
    Thanks for sharing, brought tears to my eyes.
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    Tell your son "thank you" for his & his buddy's service.
    I don't take it (freedom) for granted.
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    It never gets any easier.

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