Oh for another hundred horsepower...Freeway Wheelies
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Thread: Oh for another hundred horsepower...Freeway Wheelies

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    Oh for another hundred horsepower...Freeway Wheelies

    What would you do with another hundred hosepower? Would you get into trouble?
    Seriously I got passed by a sportbike on the freeway this morning. He started pulling a wheelie for several hundreds of yards as he slowly passed me. My first thought was "idiot in t-shirt and tennis shoes". Then I realised he was totally in control, pricisely varying the angle he would hold the wheel up every couple of seconds as if practicing precise throttle control. Impressive stuff, got me thinking would I try to build similar skills if I had similar power and sophisticated machinery. I thought he was reckless, but is it any different than our exploring the off-road limits of our skills and bikes capabilities? What do you think?

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    Been there, done that. I just want to live these days to see and ride another day.
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    It looks cool. "BUT" I'm much too old to live that way anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMM.

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    I personally like bigger displacement bikes with 100-125 HP. I mostly appreciate the torque you can get out of a bigger motor but I am I also like some HP to go along with it.

    I will say in a light bike 75hp (give or take) can be plenty. The new FZ-07 is a good example. I would like to try the KTM duke 690 with similar power in a yet lighter bike.

    On the other hand above around 150hp gets to be too much for the street for me. I do like the Ducati Multstrada but it is a lot of power and tends to make me want to ride too fast.

    Sport bikes that don't get going until 10k RPM are of limited use for my style of riding so no amount of HP matters with them.

    I am a big fan of the BMW boxer especially in the configuration in the R1200GSA. About perfect for me.

    On the other hand the little TW appeals to the kid in me so I appreciate that aspect too.
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    I love watching these very accomplished cyclists doing wheelies and other highly technical maneuvers. Some of these guys are really good just like the motocrossers I love watching race and jump. Too bad I have little regard for any of this out on the open roads! MC riders should reserve these stunts for the controlled tracks and private paved areas set aside for such activities and respect the open roads for legal riding. I don't care how good a rider might be, when he starts doing stunts on the highways and open roads he becomes a big AH.

    The road I live on is a favorite for large groups of bikers and on nice days I can count hundreds if not thousands traveling past. Most are very reserved but there are a lot going twice the speed limits. My county has one of the highest vehicle/wildlife accident rates in the state and my road is right at the top of the list for deer and bear crashes. My insurance rates are much higher because of this and when a MC crashes with a deer or bear it is usually deadly. Between my wife and me we have crashed 4 times in the last 10 years and that is in cars or trucks usually doing under the posted speed. The rescue squad has scraped 6 bodies off my road in recent history from MC/Wildlife accidents. I am not so old that I can't see the joy of blasting down a nice winding road on a super bike. It just hurts when I see or hear of the crashes.

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    Natural selection? At least in the cases of foolishness. Tragic accident applies in all other situations.


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    My KTM 990 has right about 100 more HP than the TW. Honestly, I do dumber things on the TW.
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    In the past I could wheelie my KLR through the gears but I've seen too many You Tube videos of wheelies and stoppies going bad in a hurry to try it anymore. When I look down at the road doing 60 mph, it looks like a sanding belt just waiting to "sand down" the next victim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotti158 View Post
    In the past I could wheelie my KLR through the gears but I've seen too many You Tube videos of wheelies and stoppies going bad in a hurry to try it anymore. When I look down at the road doing 60 mph, it looks like a sanding belt just waiting to "sand down" the next victim.

    I agree. Asphalt is just really coarse sandpaper.
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    No need for a hundred more horse power. I've had my TW on one wheel at 80 kmh (48 mph?) before. It gets really difficult any faster than that though, because with the front wheel up high at that speed, your using 10 of your 13 horsepower just to maintain speed. A slight mistake in throttle control leaves you only 3 hp to bring that front back up if it dropped a bit too low. I've realized lately though after scaring myself a couple times, that if I want to live without half of my body smeared on the pavement, that I should consider the consequences if I fall, and I have basically stopped that kind of riding and have been using my TW for what it was meant for. I think the occasional wheelie is fine, as long as you're not endangering anyone else, or making others think that you're a jerk. I don't want to be part of the "idiot in t-shirt and tennis shoes" stereotype. Anyone seen videos of the "wildout wheelie boyz" on YouTube?
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