Great guys leaving a great forum
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Thread: Great guys leaving a great forum

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    Oct 2013

    Great guys leaving a great forum

    Borneo, Qwerty and now ZDiver.
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    I didn't click like because they left.
    Rather great forum and people.

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    PLEASE don't feed the trolls.
    We all wind up paying.

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    Oct 2013
    We are all paying now.

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    In every post at the lower right corner there is " Like | Share " that we can click on. How about just adding DISLIKE to that section so we can let a member know who does not like what he is saying.

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    i guess i don't know what's going on cause i tend to stay out of threads that i don't care about...but i have seen a few political threads popping up and i'm guessing there is a connection...there are a few types of threads that never end well and they usually have to do with politics, religion or some other topic that some people tend to feel strongly about and never see eye to eye on (once again i give zero [email protected]#ks about either of those 2 big topics or what others think about them so i tend to stay out of them)...while i don't agree with forum censorship some people need to self-censor by not entering a thread if you don't have thick skin or you can't carry on a debate without realizing that everyone is different and has different views...if it gets to name calling or threatening then that's where i feel the thread should get locked or deleted or members get temporary or permanent bans...this forum is easily the best forum i have ever belonged to and lately it seems that we are losing members for reasons unknown to me...another forum i belong to has an "off-topic stuff" section as well as a "controversial topics"...maybe this is an option that should be considered...cause maybe a highly political thread shouldn't be in the same section and a post your pet photos thread cause they don't bring the same type of far as GaryL's idea i have also seen rating systems for members on some forums where right next to your forum name there would be a # of likes and a # of dislikes which would kind of help to weed out the trolls but this system can also be abused pretty easily if 2 people grow dislike each other and just find all that persons posts and dislike as many as they can find, it can get ugly now you have newer members avoiding other members just due to some stupid difference between 2 people about one topic...GaryL's idea of just adding a dislike button and then being able to go to that person's profile and be able to see how many dislikes to how many likes they have received and given is pretty similar, the only difference is being able to see these stats right next to your forum name on every post you make...not sure what the right way to go is but i think the admins/mods have done a great job here so let's let them handle it how they see fit
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    I wish this was a TW ONLY forum. The web is pretty large, spew you off topic discussions on the appropriate forums elsewhere. This use to be my favorite forum!

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    I think there is still a lot of very good discussion about TW's here and like others I believe one can stay clear of the threads that one is offended by. I have not been on this forum long and early on got involved in conversations that went down the rabbit hole. Now if a thread heads in that direction I just practice coitus interruptus and disengage. Our on-line personalities and world view show up pretty quick.

    What I am really offended by is that everyone uses my 40 year old handle to describe despicable individuals that purposely cause aggravation... just kidding... LOL

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    I used to check into the forum multiple times a day to "check-in", help if I can and to respond to other posts or ask questions. I now check in just a couple of times a week due to the active topics section turning into something comparable to the comments section below any online news article. I'm not being run off by the current crowd, I'm just choosing how much involvement I want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebbanflood View Post
    Borneo, Qwerty and now ZDiver.
    Boreno and I still exchange e-mails and are hooking up later this summer for a Hoosier/Buckeye get together, don't know why Qwerty left, he liked to stir it up as well....Boreno left, as he told me, because he got tired of the Pussies that couldn't handle the exchange of ideas in the Off Topic, not because anybody hurt his feelings....hopefully I can talk him back into here, and I suspect once the weather turns ugly and riding and outdoor activity slow down, he will return.
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