RVing and water sports.
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    RVing and water sports.

    Wanting to see if anyone here has experience or advice on inflatable water craft.

    Many of the places I want to go for RV weekends have a coastline, a river, or a lake.

    Most inflatables pack down to a size easily hauled on the cargo carrier with my TW.
    I'm looking at kayak and Zodiak style boats.

    Leaning towards a {link removed at request of site owner} with a 6 to 8 hp motor. It would be better for "water taxi" situations.
    Wondering how difficult it would be to get back in from a dive/snorkeling.
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    I have had a few Zodiacs and Avon inflatables. I currently own an Avon rigid hull inflatable. When you have the boat folded up and packed and the outboard motor and gas can there is not much room left on a cargo carrier for a TW. The inflatable Kayak packs up much smaller. As far as getting in and out of the water, it is very easy, just leave your fins on and kick as you pull yourself out of the water. It is probably the best for diving and snorkeling, most dive teams use inflatable boats because of how easy it is to get in and out of.

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    Very few Kayaks will work for diving, too tippy to get back in. Love the Zodiaks and too bad you are so far away. I am selling a real nice 9.5 HP Johnson short shaft outboard right now that rarely ever saw any use.
    My fishing lake went electric only some years back and the motor feels like an abandoned TW.

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