"Puke in Your Helmet"
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Thread: "Puke in Your Helmet"

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    "Puke in Your Helmet"

    Is July "Puke in your Helmet" month? Have noticed several colorful references to this lately, hope it doesn't happen for real to any of you.

    Reminds me of story of my youth. Atop a frat house roof at USC ( University of Soaring Costs?, University of Southern Comfort?) while visiting a buddy after consuming vast quantities of alcohol as only teenager can do I saw the following: My buddies girlfriend had her head on his lap, so romantic, so sweet and innocent. Suddenly she vomits in his lap. Uuurp! What does buddy do, tender caring boyfriend that he is ? Why upchuck on her head of course. I beat a hasty retreat before it became contagious. If I recall I never received an invite to their wedding.
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    All most did passing downwind of a turkey farm on a hot summer day.
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    This one should be linked with littletommy's Fart smelling health alert! I do want to say I never drink and drive but my lawn tractor does have a nifty beer holder that gets a good work out every time I mow

    I can't say I have ever had the Dis-pleasure of puking in my helmet but based on Tommy's thread I should live a long life!

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    Don't Ride and Drink or Drink and Drive these days....but no bullshit artist am I....back in a time long ago, I stopped at my favorite watering hole in Celina on my way home from doing some work north of here...was riding my Yamaha 650 Ass Kicker....bad move, I made it home the 3 miles down the highway to the farm about 3 in the morning...last thing I remember was pulling into the barn{didn't have or need garages, had 3 large barns}, then I woke up with a couple of Airedale pups licking on me, the 650 on it's side and me still in my Helmet...it was about 6 in the morning. I staggered into the house, wife was still asleep, and I jumped into the shower, hung over as Hell, but no puke in the Helmet.

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    Great story Hoot. Sometimes we are lucky to live and learn, other times we get bit on the fanny. I bet those pups gave you a lot of pleasure.
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