1958 Powermatic
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Thread: 1958 Powermatic

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    1958 Powermatic

    Whilst waiting for a replacement stator ass'y to fall from Heaven last week,I decided to refurb an old drill press that a friend had recently given back to me after having it for ten or more years. I had given it to him back then,because of it's too high of spindle speed ranges for metal work. I always thought it odd that a well known tool manufacturer would disregard every drilling speed/feed chart for metal working drills,and produce an otherwise excellent,robust machine. Some twenty years ago,I had purchased the Powermatic from a small 'mom& pop' job shop,where it was used for drilling plastic mold masters;an easy life. It was surprisingly 'tight'(still is) and showed no signs of misuse/abuse.A huge plus being it's variable speed sheaves(Lovejoy brand).

    My chum returned the DP when he learned that I was once again looking for a good old unit to repower with a DC motor to reduce those high spindle speeds. To make a long story shorter,I ditched the DC motor idea,and instead repositioned the original Westinghouse motor adding a jackshaft with an additional reduction of 6.25:1.75. Now,the range is 160rpm-1300 rpm,with the increase in torque equalling the reduction.
    Before & After Pics attached. (I'm the idiot that painted it orange......). It turns out that Powermatic only cast their name in the DP's they manufactured during the period of 1957-59;and,the 3/4 hp motor has a date of 4/58 stamped on it's frame. I have yet to find/see another example like this one anywhere,including the Great 'Net......must be reel scarce......

    So,the old girl is standin' tall once again...and to think that,at one point,during my search,I almost weakened and purchase one of those big,new Chink-o-matic varible speed DP's.....shame on me.

    no stator ever fell from Heaven.......
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    Powermatic! Great tools. I had the 66 table saw and a few other wood working tools from them and nothing but great quality.

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