Turtle Whoopee
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Thread: Turtle Whoopee

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    Turtle Whoopee

    I know this is a Family Friendly Site....but thought I would share this little Love Fest....

    While the wife and I were doing the Cabin in the Woods thingy in Brown County, Indiana this week...I spotted what I thought was a turtle in the side yard....thinking "No Water Nearby, this must be a Box Turtle"....not having my Camera, I called to the wife to check out the turtle in the yard....I snapped a photo with the cell phone...turns out it was a male with a female beneath....seems I disturbed the poor guy while he was making whoopee with his mate....he gave me the evil Red Eye, and seemingly stuck, he waited for us to leave:

    Box Turtle 2.jpgBox Turtle Whoopee 1.jpg
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    LOL! Nature at its best!
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    Turtle Whoopee is a fantastic name, Hoot. Very creative.
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    In that first pic, he is giving you the "GTFO" look with red eyes...
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    You would not believe how many box turtles get smashed on the parkways in western Kentucky every spring.

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