Coyote Ugly.....
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Thread: Coyote Ugly.....

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    Coyote Ugly.....

    A month or so ago, Fred posted about a Coyote killing one of the cats that frequented his palace....and it caused quite a stir/argument about Coyote Rights....

    I thought all would be interested to see what happens when this Coyote tries to take down a small dog.....only to get his upcoming beat down from a Rott:

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    Thanks Pat, good video find, shows how fast things really happen. Two coyotes were back yesterday but I wasn't as fast that rottwieller! My dogs ran them off before I could put sights on fur. My old rottwieller once chased a bobcat out of the house who had my cat cornered under a cabinet downstairs. They are very good guard dogs, smart,loyal, affectionate.
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    They only good coyote is a dead coyote. Almost as bad as pit bulls.


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