Just upgraded from Endowment to PATRON to fight the fight.
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Thread: Just upgraded from Endowment to PATRON to fight the fight.

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    Just upgraded from Endowment to PATRON to fight the fight.

    Endowment, Patron or Benefactor Member online. *
    Contributory Life Memberships
    (Available to Fully Paid Life Members) •Endowment Member: $2,000
    •Patron Member: $3,500
    •Benefactor Member: $5,000

    Endowment, Patron and Benefactor members are eligible to vote in NRA elections, receive special recognition at NRA events, and are sent credentials including a certificate suitable for framing, a lapel pin, decals, a patch, and a new membership card so you can proudly display your membership status.

    Members are entitled to a credit based on the current value of whatever level of life membership they now hold. [For example: If you are already an Endowment member (currently valued at $2,000) you need only pay the additional $1,500 to reach $3,500 and the Patron level]
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    Is this one of those "from my cold dead hands" moments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by troll View Post
    Is this one of those "from my cold dead hands" moments?
    It is not cheap fighting Obama's anti gun Kenyan club.

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    I had a buddy that just moved to California and he has 60 days to register his handguns, if I walked into the police station with all my Handguns to register I would be put on a watch list.

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    I have been a life member of the NRA for a long time and I do agree with the fight. I am now and have been for a long time rather disgusted with their fund raising tactics.

    There is not a week that goes by where I have not received at least three fund raising mailing from the NRA. My wife is a Marketing Executive and her daily duties include mailing of promotions and news letters that she and her staff design, print and post. This stuff is extremely expensive to both produce and again to mail. There is just so much in my pot of gold that I can afford to send but I know without a doubt that the NRA spends more money hounding me than what my annual dues payment will cover. I would love to see their books showing the Promotional Expenditures for a year. At the very minimum, each promotion mailer you receive from the NRA costs a dollar and often much more. I would much prefer they keep the expenses down, I am after all already a full supporter of the cause. They could hit me up once per year for a contribution but when they continually do it 3 times per week I feel they are wasting our dues money. Most of what I receive goes directly in to the circular file simply because I hate being hounded for money. When you do answer their call and send a donation their way they put you on a more aggressive fund raising list and hound you harder.

    I once made a contribution to a political candidate and will never do it again. $100 dollars brought out the sharks and added me to a list where I received constant mailings, emails and even telephone solicitations looking for $300- $1,000 donations. When this candidate won reelection it began all over again seeking funding for the next election 4 years down the road.

    Talk about gun safety, These organizations are shooting themselves in the foot! Yes, I am still a member and yes I support their efforts but I am disgusted with the wasteful spending and constant harassment.

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    Ditto, GaryL. Ditto.

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