Any computer geeks? Need help selecting new home PC.
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Thread: Any computer geeks? Need help selecting new home PC.

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    Any computer geeks? Need help selecting new home PC.

    Are any of you up-to-date on computers enough to provide some guidance in selecting a new home PC?

    We typically buy a Dell desktop at the upper end of the mid range and use it for about 6 years. This has always worked well for us and we don't see any real need to change. Our current Dell is fine and is about 3 years old with Windows 7.

    We want to get a second desktop that my wife can use when I am hogging the other one.

    It will be used to browse the internet and run Word and Outlook. It might occasionally be used to watch Netflix. It won't be used for gaming or any other higher end processing needs.

    Any suggestions on processor, memory or operating system (Windows 7 or 8). Is Dell still an adequate place to buy, or should we look elsewhere.


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    An 8-bit machine running CP/M Plus would be contemporary with the first TW200.
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    Well, I'm not a computer geek in the least, which is why I switched to Apple a few years back. My bottom-of-the-line Macbook works the same today as it did 5 years ago, and I've done nothing to it except for the free software updates. My wife has gone through 4 PC laptops (company owned) in the same time. Her personal Macbook Pro is 7 years old and other than the battery showing it's age, it has been flawless as well.

    My computer geek friend of almost 20 years, a guy who was running a web design company out of his parents' basement as a highschooler while the rest of us were hoarding AOL free hours CDs, a professional electrical engineer and computer programmer, a guy who eats microchips for breakfast and personally built my first three desktop PCs, switched to a Macbook Pro for his personal laptop this year.

    There's a little bit of a learning curve, but now that I'm used to the Mac interface I would be hard pressed to go back to PC for my home computer. I spend around 9 hours a day on a PC at my job, and IT services has to get involved a few times a week. I appreciate having a computer at home that just works.
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    Yeah, I switched from PC to Mac recently and while it is a learning curve I still need to master I shall probably never go back to Windows. But for Old White Trucks family needs they probably should remain with a known operating system, warts and all. If the Dell has worked adequately get another. Moore's Law implies that any newer PC should be much faster and better for less money. No need for high end workstation for the stated needs, and they can recycle most learned skills if not actual software for use with Microsoft's new operating system.
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    The learning curve of switching to a Mac scares me to death! Heck, I have had windows based PCs for 15 years and can't handle half the curves that windows has tossed our way. Seems to me we are damned if we do and damned if we don't where windows is the operating system. My current PC works fine right up until I do the windows updates and then I am back in the dark. I have programs that are not supported by new operating systems so I should go out now and buy a new Win 8 machine and then go purchase all new programs such as word, office and such that probably won't work when Win 9 comes out. I am so totally disgusted with computers that I don't even want to think about buying another new machine. This POS I Pad I am using now is so lame because so much that I can do on my PC can't be done by me on it. I take pictures with my camera and can easily transfer them to my PC but not to the IPad. Pics taken with the IPad are hard to transfer to the PC or to my photobucket albums and are not that good anyway.

    Add to this all, I have to be on a Satellite internet connection here because there is no other. Doing everything over the cloud blows my usage limits off the charts and slows my monthly speed allotment to a crawl similar to the useless dial up I used to have. The more technology they develop the less of it I can even use because it does not come here. No cell signal, no cable, no TV or Internet except from Satellites.

    Good luck finding a new computer, I have thrown a few of mine right out the window.

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    AGman is spot on. I do this for a living, and Dell is still one of the best companies out there, with good support. You don't need anything above the least expensive system based upon what you describe as your usage. Any processor, 4gb of ram and you are good to go. i5 is better, 8gb is better but not necessary. As for the hard drive, again, AGMan is correct, if you can spring for the SSD drive, then go for it. They offer less space for the money, but in my experience nothing "speeds" up a computer more than an SSD drive. I put speed in quotes because it's more complicated than that, and somewhat subjective, but the end user notices it more.

    Reading between the lines, i would recommend Windows 7, but I like Windows 8, as long as it's 8.1 and fully patched. If you are up for something new, or like the phone/tablet type interface, then go for it, but if you like things the same, then definitely do not.

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    My only advice is to stay away from Windows 8. In my opinion it is the least user friendly user interface Microsoft has ever made. I would suggest getting Windows 7 if you can, or wait to see what Windows 9 is like.
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    Most computer geeks like myself build there own part by part. My only store bought computer was the Apple IIe my Dad bought for us kids when I was in 7th grade, and that was the last apple product I've ever owned. For laptops I recommend Toshiba, but sorry to say I wouldn't know where to begin on store bought PC's.
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    Having one brother in law, and the older son being computer "savvy"...I don't have a clue...but just got a new one as powerful as I need with Windows7...just make sure your provider is putting you out as fast as you need speed.....I know enough to get myself in trouble....but the wife usually knows how to bail me out.
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    Here is a humorous (but accurate) review of Windows 8.1:

    Windows 8.1 review - Still stupendously stupid

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