You Gotta Be Sh***ing Me?
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Thread: You Gotta Be Sh***ing Me?

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    You Gotta Be Sh***ing Me?

    Anybody seen this? Fake, Real, it appears real, but this is just freaky....not sure what kind of MC, but a pants change would be in order{July 30, 2014 is the date on the video}:
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    Those Russians have always been good acrobats but that guy was really Puttin on a show.
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    That was the tryout tape for Cirque Du Soleil.
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    Actually, lots of folks on bikes with standard ergos claim jumping up just before impact has yielded the head-over-heels flip due to the feet catching the bars as the bike stops (or slows dramatically) and the rider proceeds forward. When flipping, one is either going to land right side up or upside down, so you have a 50/50 chance of surviving to say, "I meant to do that."

    Seriously, one reason not to ride a cruiser is you can't launch straight up to avoid an immediate stop into the vehicle that just cut you off. Think about it. 60mph on cruiser, car cuts you off, your body goes from 60 to 0 in about 4 feet. Not good. Death is the usual result due to massive crushing injuries from rapid deceleration. 60mph with standard ergos, car cuts you off, you jump straight up 2 feet, your feet catch bars, break an ankle, slow your forward motion to 45mph, you hit rear window, that deflects you up, slowing you to 30mph, land on roof, cager panics and hits brakes, but friction between you and surface of car slows you to 15mph before you are flung off the hood, and your gear easily absorbs abrasion and minor G forces of moderate deceleration when you hit the road. Assuming the idiot cager doesn't simply panic and run over you, you have just gone from 60mph to 0 in about 120 feet, so no internal injuries from sudden deceleration. You can then hop on your remaining unbroken ankle right over to the cagers door, drag him or her out, and shove your ruined helmet right up his or her

    nostril. Twice.

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