Firestations and Hurricane's
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    First let me say, if you have not read Outcast's response to Truelights question about where the photo was taken in "Photo Contest #6" you need to read it. It's cool.

    Follow-up to that story. Here are a couple photo's, (of the hundred or so I have), of when I went to help out in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. As you can see, I spent a lot of time in Plaquemines Parish, LA.

    Of note, because of where Outcasts picture was taken, is a photo of the Buras Fire Department, LA. And what you can't see, but I know it's there, is a Harley Davidson M/C in the center stall, I think if memory serves me. Ok, don't count on my memory, but the H-D was their, but maybe not in the exact spot I say! Wish I would have taken a photo from the other side of the FD Station, because you could see the motorcycle better. That I can remember!

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    Very honorable thing for you to do admiral. Glad you liked the story. Enjoyed hearing yours too.

    Oh, and that Harley is there in the middle of the station because his dept pulled the same thing on him that mine did to me. I just had been through it before during Rita and knew what to expect with Ike. Sorry he lost his bike.

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