You Know Winter is Coming.....When
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Thread: You Know Winter is Coming.....When

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    You Know Winter is Coming.....When

    Went out and purchased a 5 x 8 trailer this afternoon....convinced my 90 year old mom to go half in with me....told her it would make it easier this winter{when she is down at youngest sister's in Naples, Florida} for me to drag both Snow Blowers back and forth, as well as get the lawn mowers{I use for both yards}between her place and mine....her quote "Don't BS me, I'll go half, but it's in your name, and you can pay the License fee and expenses"....well Hell that worked, now I have a haul trailer to drag the tw and coolers, etc, to Cripple Creek and the Shelf Road, next Summer...

    13" tires, Mesh Bottom, which I will reinforce with an Oak slab{still a lot cheaper than buying it that way} I am ready to Haul Ass....

    Trailer 002.JPGTrailer 001.JPG
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    That's a great looking trailer Hoot, I hope your mom lets you use it once in a while !
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    That's the same trailer I bought last year......... So far it's logged 4,500 miles.. Next week hope to put on 5,000 more miles. You'll like it. The only thing I ended up doing was have the tires machine balanced.. OMM.
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    Cool, but don't BS me.....90 yr old. Gotta love it.... Good deal, Way to go...!!

    Yeah, I was going to strip my pop-up camper thats old and tired instead of selling it. Has new bearing and tires though. Could make a really nice 5'x8' flat trailer out of it for the price of 1 and 1/2 sheets of 3/4 plywood. But, why bother. I found a real nice hitch hauler for $95 shipped on Amazon. Great reviews, holds 500lbs. Much better for me. But, my brother in-law is most likely going to get a TW very soon, like as soon as we find one for a good price within 3 hours or so away. So, now I'm thinking the trailer may be better for us. He would end up paying to convert it. I don't know, I really want it out of my driveway. Aaarg, what to do? More restless nights thinking about it...
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    Popups make good utility trailers! Coleman's were the best! Just sold mine after years of use and abuse.
    My Daddy Don *always said about me " if you didn't over load your trailer you didn't load it".
    * not my daddy. He is a very good friend that took me into the family. Another neighbor started calling him that, trying to be hurtful. So we embraced and use it lovingly.
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    Looks like a good trailer. Be safe with it.

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