Boonville fair 2014
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Thread: Boonville fair 2014

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    Boonville fair 2014

    another Mendocino County fair and Apple show is just concluded in Boonville. Lots of work and lots of fun! Here's a few pics I took to share…

    This is a 3 hp Fairbanks Morris engine. This is the first time that we've had it running at the fair, it hasn't ran in a long time, and still needs quite a bit of TLC. The empty spot on the stand next to it is where a "Typhoon" pump sits. Hopefully next year will have the pump hooked up to it and running.

    this is Cliff standing next to his newly restored gasoline pump.

    this little kickstart Briggs & Stratton also belongs to Cliff. I help them rebuild part of it earlier this year, it runs okay but could use a new spark plug.

    one of my favorites is this 1960s Bolan's lawn and garden tractor.

    this is a 1929 Mack truck. It has quite a colorful history, it was bound for Washington state, but somehow made it off the ship in San Francisco. Once again this year I got to drive it around the rodeo grounds with all the fair director sitting in back. That's not an easy task!
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    here's one of my wife and I driving the Mac…

    and how about this! My wife took first place on her pears and peaches!

    all in all, a very good fair this year. m.
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    I have a fully restored 3 horse United brand (hit and miss) engine my grandfather bought new in 1909. My grandson with that engine makes 5 generations with the same last name. I enjoy taking it to shows along with the TW. Great times.
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