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Thread: Off topic i don't think so

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    Off topic i don't think so

    image.jpgI don't think I have ever complained about this web site ever, I put my money in it when chopper Charles upgraded it. I have been very proud of the family orientation and great people....... But this Add is not what I want to see when I open up TW FORUM. Has this become all about money? It's probably time for me to check out and not come back. To old school but proud of that!

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    If your browser has the option to open a incognito (Chrome & Firefox) or Inprivate (IE) web window then do that and enter the TW site. It starts without any cookies or web history each time and that holds the ads at bay pretty well. You can also install a adblock program into firefox and chrome.

    I logged into this site on my wife's tablet and all I got was bra and panty ads If I logon on my kids tablet I get toy and candy ads.

    Remember Forum Foundry owns this place now and they make their money off those ads.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ski Pro 3 View Post
    Those ads are usually tied to reading your cookies. Meaning; your computer browsing history triggered that ad.
    My experience is different than yours. The ads I see are usually not obviously tied to my cookies (currently I see an add for Management Consultants?). Once in a while an ad will pop up that does have a possible connection to my browsing but mostly they seem just random.

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    My ads on this forum are "ALL" tied/related to what I have searched or looked at in the passed. I looked at the HTML code, and that's how that ad was picked for your computer. I know HTML pretty well. I make web sites for others and myself. Not saying you, but at one time or another, someone on your computer either looked, or searched for something close to that ad. Like I said, not necessarily you. So everyone's ad is unique to them. It's how the site's code is written. My ads are for helmets, hitch carriers, boots, and other stuff I have searched for or looked at in the passed few months. Who else used your system? It only takes one search or looky to change this. You can delete or clear out all your cookies, and it will stop. It will then start showing ads related to what you look at from that point on, on your system. If other people share your computer with you, maybe sign in as different users from now on. Then the ads will be unique to you only. Those ads are what keep this forum free.....
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    To be politically correct, I will say you shouldn't use this program since the owners of this forum do make money off ads.....but if you're using Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera for a browser there's an add-on called AdblockPlus (there are others too). If someone was to install and enable it they would then see this:
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    My ads are for helmets, o-ring chains, shinko tires, and battery tenders.... Go figure!

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    Oh Dear

    I'll take.... "Threads I wish I hadn't Posted" for a thousand Alex.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave-o View Post
    My ads are for helmets, o-ring chains, shinko tires, and battery tenders.... Go figure!
    Hi Dave-o: That's as should be. But if you mention something in your post it will trigger a cookie. I just use Adblock and all cookies are removed at end of session.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebbanflood View Post
    I'll take.... "Threads I wish I hadn't Posted" for a thousand Alex.

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    I was going to be the first response - I didn't know how to say it nicely so I just waited.
    I still don't know why my spam can't figure out that I'm not a male. I don't need a ____buddy or penis enhancement, or Viagra.
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