Now this will make you think ?
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    Now this will make you think ?

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    Sounds like lawyers bucking for a percentage to me. 10s of thousands of clean-up workers, one could expect those retired since would die at the rate of 3 per day especially since they spent adult lifetimes huffing carcinogens from thousands of fires.

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    I am with qwerty on this one. I did a career in the state service and we had all kinds. Some got hurt legit and got over it while others claimed they got hurt and we're looking for a free ride on disability. Same thing when I ran the Honda shop in KY/WV and the customers worked in the coal mines. Many went to work in the mines just to get hurt looking for a permanent check for doing nothing.

    9/11 is a treasure trove for any slugs that can prove they were in the vacinity and a very sad situation for those who really are hurt and suffering. Lawyers on the other hand are getting very rich chasing these ambulances.

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    Two of them were 58 and one was 56 years old. Thats probably younger than the average age of TW owners.
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    Had they ridden TWs instead of fire trucks obviously stress factors would have played a lesser role, but to each his own.

    Anywho, I expect many firefighters die younger than normal due to cancer because of a career of inhaling chemicals and carcinogens that are byproducts of combustion. I'd like to see some relevant and valid science comparing the illness/death rates from 9-11 workers to illness/death rates from people doing the same work on other job sites. I expect they are the same. Until such science is done I will not consider any claim valid.

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