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Thread: older riders

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    older riders

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    That video shows a lot of immature, irresponsible and thoughtless behavior that gets our dualsport roads and trails closed in the U. S. of A., or worse. In the U. S. of A., those aren't heroes, those are problem children. But, the video appears to be from Australia, and perhaps the laws have changed since I was their in the '70s. If so, I want to go back ASAP.

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    I so totally enjoyed that video as it epitomizes my joy in riding ( Other than the sustained wheeling part, Ol'Betty Boop won't do that). The trials and cross-training practice is priceless. Many thanks for a pleasurable viewing.
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    I've seen this one before, I love it! I do agree with qwerty in a sense though, this type of behavior does give us a bad name if done on private property or state land... BUT, it's gives me great pleasure to let loose once in a while...

    Disclaimer: I do not damage other peoples property, just tear up some trails every now and again...

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    Tdub and Tdub2 will hold a wheelie as long as I can keep up with the balance. Tdub has been known to raise a tire shifting to second and carry it all the way into 5th. It isn't easy because of a lack of power to lift when I get a little overzealous on the brake. Haven't had much chance to practice on Tdub2 so don't know which is going to predominate, the extra 67cc or the longer wheelbase.

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