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Thread: Motor Kote

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    Motor Kote

    Anyone use this oil product , supposedly you add a couple of ounces of Motor Kote per quart of oil . Repeat the process a couple times per year .
    Supposedly it is safe for wet clutch bikes ?.

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    Why use any additive?

    The engine is designed to use ..... oil.

    Why use anything else?

    I have a friend who recently retired out of Pratt Whitney. They did extensive oil/additive testing. No benefits gained from ANY additive.

    As a matter of fact, the use of synthetic oil held high heat resistance as its ONLY benefit.

    Totally changed my way of thinking.
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    It is not wise to extrapolate test results on aircraft engines to motorcycles. Very different technologies. Maybe the only testing they did that would allow the benefits of synthetic to show was high heat resistance. Did they check lubricity after extended change intervals? Did they run oils until viscosity breakdown? Were they testing piston engines? Wouldn't surprise me a bit of Pratt & Whitney doesn't even make or support piston engines these days. You'll have a hard time convincing me any recent testing of oils by Pratt & Whitney has any validity to choosing motorcycle lubricants.

    I do agree additives are snake oil considering the quality of today's oils formulated specifically for motorcycles. That goes for both dino oils and synthetics.

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    Synthetics are extremely beneficial in cold weather also . On topic , MotorKote is not an additive -- doesn't alter oil volume ,I'm not sure how , but this is why I started this thread to see if anyone has used it . Other "additive" companys have been sued by the GOV. ( not sure which agency it was however ) for "false" product claims , but , MotorKote survived their testing . Just curious to this forums membership knowledge / findings or experience of this product .

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    Demo video seems convincing.
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