First Snow.....
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Thread: First Snow.....

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    Senior Member Hoot Gibson's Avatar
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    First Snow.....

    On Monday I was out riding the TW in shorts sans helmet with the temps near 80.....

    Final Fall Ride 003.JPG

    On Wednesday I was saluting the end of the back yard beer drinking cigar smoking season:

    Final Salute to Fall 2.jpg

    and by this morning, after a night of 35 degrees and 35 mph winds and a bit of snow.....Winter has arrived in West Central Ohio

    First Snow 007.JPG

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    Senior Member sparky jan's Avatar
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    I expected to see a lot more snow than that when I read the title
    Some days here in central UK up till now it's been almost like summer still, T-shirt & shorts weather
    Nights are getting colder & it's getting dark earlier especially now we've turned the clocks back (do you do that in the US?)
    They are forecasting snow & frosts in the north next week tho
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    Clocks go back tonight. Yep, always been amazed how moderate the temps are there given your latitude.
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    That is the reason I am starting to see the Snow birds out of state license plates and more Canada plates, Canadian's bought a lot of second homes in AZ when the housing market took a dive.
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    Senior Member peter's Avatar
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    Snow? Can you please explain?

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    Senior Member Fred's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Turtle Wrangling the Sierras
    Peter, I think Snow = tourist dollars
    Hoot, that looks like perfect riding conditions if you can just get another inch or so. Lay down some nasty tracks in your back yard.
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    Senior Member OurDee's Avatar
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    We had it yesterday morning. I heard a state down south got 5 inches.
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    And here weve been iceskating for the last 20 days!

    Getting ready to carbide me tires on the TW. Been down to ten degrees quite a few nights.
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    Senior Member Peterb's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    North Bay, Ontario, Canada
    First snow yesterday. zdiver1 I hope you don't mind those Canadian plates? I'm hoping one day I can retire and spend my winters riding with you guys. Canadian summers are awesome spring and fall are great but winter sucks!
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    Banned ZDR1's Avatar
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    Feb 2014
    You guys can have the ice snow mud cold rain it sucks! I will take the heat any day. my two grandkids were sweating and hot last night better then freezing. 10_DayPhoenix_full.jpg
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