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Thread: You Youtube?

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    You Youtube?

    Ok, I've saved myself over $1500 dollars this month in car repairs just by watching you tube on how to fix it myself. Tired of paying the stealerships. Anyone else?
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    The amount of step by step repair stuff on Youtube is just awesome. I resoldered the circuit board on the digital read out on the dash of my Jeep Cherokee, something I would have never done on my own. Also rebuilt the carburetor on my outboard in like 20 minutes just following along with the video, no telling how long it would have took figuring things out as I went.
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    I've never followed youtube instructions on anything since I already know how to do most anything I want done, but I've seen some really well made videos that I've sent to others. I figured I'd have to make videos for some folks, but youtube is a fantastic resource and I always find what someone else needs.

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    I have learned to check Youtube for all sorts of info. Repairs, product reviews, how-to videos. Yesterday used it to research what some air couplings should look like in order to disassemble without breakage. Good stuff.
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    I helped a friend take his early 1940's Nambu pistol (a war trophy) completely apart and put it back together. YouTube made it simple !
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    All the time. There is a guy on there that does Toyota Tundra repair videos who is actually a Toyota mechanic. His videos are almost pro quality. He even runs through the needed tools, parts and part numbers before starting the repair.
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    Just about every day. Yesterday to see how to check the stator on my nephews DR-400. I also watched a video that showed a much easier way to valve adjustments on my KTM. Yesterday was a good day, worked on bikes all day. I enjoy it almost as much as riding them.

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    All the time if I run into an issue while working on something or need to tackle something I've never done before. It's an invaluable resource.

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    Luckily us tw riders don't need it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcepilot View Post
    Luckily us tw riders don't need it!
    Not for the TW at least....

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