Honey, Pass Me The Salt, or Lets Go Huntin'
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Thread: Honey, Pass Me The Salt, or Lets Go Huntin'

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    Honey, Pass Me The Salt, or Lets Go Huntin'

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    I will wait until I find one at a garage sale.
    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    That's 2:03 seconds I'll never get back again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMM.

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    I saw a woman throw a salt shaker at a man bothering her. Knocked him out. I saw a man flirting with a girl who more than obviously was not in the mood while she emptied a salt shaker into her hand, then slapped him across the eyes. I immediately fell in love with both of them.

    My lab partner and study buddy in college was a liberated younger woman who was as androgynous as anybody--entering a building with two sets of doors she would politely thank someone for opening a door for her, then, being in the lead, she would open the next door for the someone. One day I reached the first set of doors to the student center first, opened the door and held it for my friend, but a pseudo-liberated woman looking for trouble coming the other way jumped in front of her and made some snide remark about not needing a chauvinist to hold the door for her, so I let it go just as the witch reached it, it closed, and she walked right into the edge, breaking her nose. As blood drooled down her blouse, my truly liberated friend told her, "That's just what you deserve for being such a rude female dog." It was so perfect my friend and I didn't even break stride. We strolled on into the student center arm-in-arm, both of us grinning ear-to-ear.

    And that, Purple Penguins, is what makes a woman good.

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