It's Beer Physics Hoot.
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Thread: It's Beer Physics Hoot.

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    It's Beer Physics Hoot.

    A little science to help keep your mind off how far away Saturday is.

    Why it's easier to spill coffee than beer. Physicists Explain Why Coffee Is More Prone to Spills Than Beer | Smart News | Smithsonian

    And an incredibly scholarly article on the "half life" of beer foam.

    Unlike the author, I suggest that you do not use non-alcoholic beer. Makes lab clean up time more fun.
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    Sipping my first and only beer of the night, as I watch my Alma Mater, Ohio University become football Bowl Eligible with a last second win over Miami{Ohio}...worked my first Varsity Girls Basketball Game of the I deserve at least one beer...Consider this thread, HI~Jacked..
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