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    Missing Link Award

    I received a very special box in the mail today from the one and only Mr. Gizmo...

    As you may remember, anytime a TW200 member created something that enhance or finds an alternative way to replace a part for the mighty Tdub, Mr. Gizmo would give out the Missing Link Award on the forum. Lizrdbrth was notorious for coming up with cheap and alternative parts for the bike and was constantly awarded the Missing Link Award. Mr. Gizmo felt it was time to retire the award and re-purpose it into a special memorial windmill for me. Trying very hard not to cry while typing this since I have been deeply touched by his innovative way to honor Lizrdbrth...below are the pics for your viewing.

    Here are the various pieces prior to assembly.

    Here is the close up shot of the front and back of the Missing Link Award.

    (loved the "iron butt" comments)

    Here is the windmill all put together.

    Thank you Mr. Gizmo for the beautiful present!
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    That's very nice Gina! I know you love it.

    A special thank you to Mr. Gizmo for his thoughtfulness. +1
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    Man, I'm tellin ya... there are some pretty incredible people that are a part of this forum...

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    Quote Originally Posted by troll View Post
    Man, I'm tellin ya... there are some pretty incredible people that are a part of this forum...
    +1! I'm proud to be a part of it! What a beautiful gift!
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    Purple, I miss you when you are gone, and I don't even know you. Nice gift. Great thought behind it.
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    Very nice gift.
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    Way to go Mr Gizmo! That is well beyond excellent; an absolutely fantastic thoughtful thing to do.
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    Having made my acquaintance with Purple People Eater, she deserves the recognition. This lady has a lot of spunk, determination, has faced life head-on, and found a way to look forward to tomorrow.
    Personally, I would like to think you were both part of the Lizrdbrth Legend making this recognition even more appropriate. God bless you Purple and may the good Lord continue to light your path of life. My thanks to you Mr Gizmo for your thoughtfulness.

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    Boy, what a nice gesture Gerry. And you couldn't have given it to a better person. What a great way to retire/transfer/honor the missing link.
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    Congratulations Purple!

    I am sure that I speak for many of my fellow forum members when I say that our thoughts and prayers still go to you and to Russ, especially during this time of year. It always brings a sad smile to my face when one of Russ's posts pops up, particularly when it is by a new member who will never have the opportunity to experience his wit, wisdom and generosity first hand.

    Russ still lives on as a valuable part of this forum, but he is also sorely missed.

    (Here is an earlier memorial handcrafted by Mr. Gizmow that was placed during one of the NorCal Cow Mountain rides in remembrance of Lizrdbrth.

    Gerry, your latest award is another very thoughtful and nicely crafted gesture, thanks from all of us!)

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