Let's Bitch About The Weather
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Thread: Let's Bitch About The Weather

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    Let's Bitch About The Weather

    Gale force winds and torrential rain here already with the worst supposedly still on its way. My cheesy roof-top weather station already has displayed two over 50 mph gusts and I know it underestimates the wind speed.
    My better half just returned with a harrowing tale of a semi blowing over right in front of her as she was getting on the freeway. A lot of mud plowed into the cab through windshield soaking, burying driver's clothes and gear. Ever helpful wife helped bloody muddy driver out , cleaned him up a bit, assessed his condition ( head cuts bleed like crazy ) and let him use her cell while she vainly dug through cab debris for his cell. We try to keep a little survival gear in each vehicle so once again a cheap polar fleece blanket came to the rescue.
    I'm just glad semi didn't blow over onto wife's little car.
    So how is your weather today?
    Poor Mel, it is probably overcast in San Louis Obispo today.
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    This storm has equaled last years total at my home. But I am not bitchen.

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    Thankful for all of my friends!!
    Pretty bad Fred. Kudo's for the wife trying to help.

    *and I'm fussing just because it's raining, shame on me.
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    We Mid-westerners and N-easterners are crying about not having enough snow. That's right. We want "SNOW" to ride our sleds.. We have a lot of people that depend on good winters for a living... So many lay-offs from hotels to bars etc. We are looking at 0" on the ground, with a forecast of 50 by sunday. OMM.

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    Senior Member Fred's Avatar
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    Don't go crossing that Cache Creek Joe! That old joke about "When it rains, it pours" comes to mind. While snowfall down to my 5200 ft level might curtail my riding season I am glad to see it. We need our reservoirs refilled and a good snowpack to ease affects of long term drought. Besides next summer's kayaking in a full pool will be a lot more scenic than staring at a bath tub ring in a near empty lake.
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    No complaints here.

    Any day it rains in California is a good day!

    Fred, thank your wife for her good Samaritan efforts. I am sure they were very much appreciated.
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    Nothing to complain about here. Nice weather... above normal temps and it looks to be staying that way for awhile. -3c during the day and -9c over night.

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    I had my game in the weather this morning. Strong winds, and rain coming sideways. Long time customer called to say half of his electrical panel had no power. We have a problem here on the coast with corroded connectors. I took the basket truck and in the rain and wind, reworked the connectors on his distribution pole. Made for one happy customer, and one drenched, soaked to the bone Mel.
    I am sure you can guess how cold I was. I have done every thing i know how to do, to seal these connectors from the weather. So far I can get about 12-15 years out of them.

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    Actually West Central Ohio is and has been pretty well "normal" for the last couple of weeks.....waiting for the other shoe to drop, but so far, despite the shitty early November, nothing to complain about...
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    Let's Bitch About The Weather

    Here Ya go...
    Not sure what this has to do with weather though.
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