I found this up coming movie to be of interest.
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    I found this up coming movie to be of interest.

    I work as a Service Technician for the Natural gas utility company that has service in California, Arizona and Nevada so our Headquarters is in Las Vegas our board of directors is full of former ceo's of LV casinos a lot of say Mafia types so one weekend I was on call and this place needed a range Flexline connector installed and I was called out at 3 a.m. to install this and was treated to a very nice 4 am Steak dinner and was given 4 large to take home and cook very weird. Actor Tom Sizemore talks 'Durant's Never Closes' in Phoenix

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    I still remember the owner giving me the steaks saying what ever you do, do not freeze them or you will waste $200. bucks and he told me to bring the wife in for a free dinner on him.
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    For Pheonix to have an after hours steak house does hint at the secret world of questionable power brokers. Sounds like an interesting movie. Enjoy the steaks, an offer you can't refuse Hope they were Porterhouses, my favorite.
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    Not weird at all. I did a lot of legitimate construction work for some very shady characters in South Florida and sharing is just part of the "power broker" culture. Just express appreciation, be respectful, see nothing, and look forward to being invited back.

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