How much is Gas in your neck of the woods?
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Thread: How much is Gas in your neck of the woods?

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    How much is Gas in your neck of the woods?

    I heard on the news today that gas was below 2 dollars in 24 stated. Cheapest I've seen in the Baltimore area is $2.29 Avg $2.35
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    1.99(9) today in Angola, IN
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    Tucson, AZ
    Filled up for $2.19/Gal today and I thought that was pretty great.

    Tucson usually has some of the lowest gas prices in the country, but it sounds like other places have us beat today.
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    Just below $1 in Canada... but thats for a litre :-( last summer it was $1.40/litre for regular US gallon= 4 litres one more reason to love my TW200s

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    Mamaroneck, NY
    2.57 in Mamaroneck for regular with 10 percent corn juice.

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    roseburg oregon
    2.25 today almost did a happy dance on the spot
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    ~$2.30 here and falling. I need to buy fuel oil soon, trying to hold off a little longer...

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    Long Island, NY
    87 octane $2.93................................ Cash , not credit.............Edit.....Gasbuddy says someone near me has $2.63 a gl
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    Here it was $2.65 but that's pretty good for the Left Coast. So good I drove my Landcruiser
    instead of my Hyundai on service calls. Felt damn nice. On the late night radio they were talking how this is
    a conspirancy to appease the masses so that the Facist's might stand a chance in the next election
    in light of their immigration/racist/relighious intolerant stances. Went on to say "look out" as $10/gallon
    is coming......whatever I enjoy my gas guzzler Landcruiser. This keeps up I may have to revive
    the Suburban.
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    Tacoma Washington
    $2.66 in the Tacoma/Seattle area

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