new technology bikes suck.
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Thread: new technology bikes suck.

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    new technology bikes suck.

    Did some work on my bikes today. Rewired part of my soft tails electrical. Fixed an annoying rattle from a loose speedo and housing. Changed a few bulbs. Still gotta change the oil and various things but every time I do stuff like that I'm glad Im able to do myself. Not just for my bank account. Don't want to know what any dealers charge for basic maintenance. I thought u bought a bike to save money. Tell yourself that when the dealer hits u for 500 range for the maintance. Yamaha charged me that for maintenance on a tw200. With a coupon. It was only 450.....hell with that. On new tech bikes truthfully even if your a good wrench there's stuff that's too risky to do. Lots of wires and components each one could become a potential problem if a mistake is made. Only fuel injected bike I would ever buy are Harley Davidson. They know what a legendary twin they got and haven't made it overly complicated. Easy to put a carb on them. Still among the simplest and easiest motors to work on. I got an evo Harley. When it comes time to rebuild it the ego doe sent scare me. The old 350 Chevy in my camaro looks complicated next to my Harley motor. Lol. Nothing but respect for companies that still make bikes owners can work on. Dang this was too long.
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    Love working on my Harleys. Even the fuel injection is easy. I think it makes it simpler. Carbs can be a real pain sometimes, although the CV carb on the later Harleys is a dream. I've set them up to run on everything from Viragos to generators.

    600 dollars for an oil change on a 2014 Ultra Limited... Um, no thanks. If I can't change my own oil, time for me to quit riding.
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    The world has changed. Used to be 100,000 miles was about all a person
    could get out of a car. Now days I'd say 200,000 easy. The difference? Digital controls
    and fuel management (fuel injection). I grew up on carburators and was sure happy
    when they went away. No nostalglia here. New stuff waay easier to repair just a different
    skill set and tools. Carbs all always a comprimise on fueling. fuel management not only means longer life
    but also more power and reliability. The learning curve does throw some folks off and thus repair technicians
    like me get to make good money. As I repair farm equipment, I still do my fair share of carbs still but
    thankfully, less and less. On a personal level, I love how my BMW works and it's due to advanced technology
    which I have no fear of as I understand it and anteed up for the special tools to maintain it. My Tw's are the
    only carbed vehicles I own and I'd dump 'em in a heart beat if Yamaha came out with a fuel injected TW.

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    600 bucks....I understand they gotta pay employees and all but man that's some saving up awhile amount of money. Lol. I get arbolmanos point though. But for me too much electronics means I'm getting rid of it before something major happens. Kinda cheapens up bikes in my eyes. Knowing I will only get one motor out of it. Too much trouble to mess with installing new one. Old bikes. Just yank and pull. Simple wires. Like my old camaro. Several different motors. Several different harnesses for wiring. If I have a kid one day. Its his one day. I like that about things. Worth keeping around. My dad gave me his old Harley when he bought a new one. When he's gone I will still have it and will still be driving it. Can't buy that in most new bikes. Only old tech bikes. Im

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    And yeah Smitty I definetly agree about the CV carb. When I first got my bike first thoughts were to get out the S&S catalog and cover it up with S&S parts. After riding around for a while I realized it runs perfect now. Leaving it the way the moco made it. The mikuni works great. Bone stock 1990 soft tail custom. Other than a set of Vance n hines pipes. The evo makes beautiful noise and runs perfect. Ain't changing a thing.

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