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    Had a great time in my new 4X4 truck and had a good time shooting my guns. I did find an illegal lady and her little girl that had been walking for a week in the Mexican and Arizona desert, I gave her a ride to a city near Phx and made a phone call for her and she is safe I also gave them all my food and water. 309374_4618249906339_202201731_n.jpg and I was shocked to find this in the back of my truck. 1373932_10201492946157626_624829975_n.jpg
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    That was the decent thing to do. Anything less is inhumane, Good for you. At least you were able to turn in the hardware to the proper authority or neighbor.
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    Z, with all your travels and brush popping, I think your neighbor would really enjoy this little back pocket gun.

    Attachment 12954

    A .22 mag is also available, but the LR model has such a great ammo range (well, did before the stuff disappeared from the market) that for a pocket plinker it arguably makes a better choice. Plus, the mag ballistics out of a 2" barrel aren't sufficiently impressive enough to make the trade-off worth it. Pricey little rascals though. Not suitable for upside-down shoulder rig carry though. The rounds have a tendency to move out of the cylinder causing lockup. Just a rimfire thing.
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    Haahaahaahaahaa! Actually, the humane thing to do would have been to drop them off at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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