Nothing like ruining your vacation
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    S. Torrance (So. Cal.)

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    Yeah, stupidity knows no bounds. Of course, I have NEVER done a single stupid thing in my life!

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    A little body surfing.

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    Northern VA
    Looked more like ROCK surfing

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    Smyrna, GA, USA
    Those two now know what it's like to get flushed down the toilet.
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    I spent a year in Hawaii going to college in 1969. Did a bit of travel around the island. I could not believe the waves! I am not a surfer, or even a water kind of guy. The waves I saw I would have never imagined, HUGE/TALL beyond my belief. I was lucky, being ignorant, I still did not play in the surf. The exception was while trying to body surf (close to the beach) ONCE. The wave pushed me so hard into the sand I had a 'rash' all over my face and chest. If my Friend did not grab my arm, I would have been sucked out and ground into the sand once again. Boy what POWER!! Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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    Umm ok so I counted and they had at least a solid 15 seconds to move after they saw the wave coming. I'm pretty sure I would have gotten the F*** down from there the instant I saw that wave forming (IF I had been up there at that time in the first place)! Seems like they had enough time before the wave hit to climb down to where they fell, if they had scrambled.
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    KJ, people with lack of experience cannot judge the size of the wave to know that it was big enough to reach them.
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