Just in case something goes wrong and you have to bring one in....
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    Just in case something goes wrong and you have to bring one in....

    Study up. Actually, it's pretty interesting.

    Absolutely Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Airplane Controls
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    Quote Originally Posted by Croatoan View Post
    I better bone up on how to land cause I don't think I could even jump out of a plane that was about to crash and I certainly wouldn't jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Call me chicken but parachuting isn't even in the realm of possibilities for me.

    Kinda my view on voting Democrat! Jumping out of an airplane is no different than falling out of bed, except your awake, and the floor is a bit further down. The landing is eerily similar

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    Geez, that was an in depth cockpit review. And I thought I was just going to see something on how a little high wing Cessna basically flies itself. That was a thorough introduction.
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