Mystery of the 132 year old Winchester rifle?
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Thread: Mystery of the 132 year old Winchester rifle?

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    Mystery of the 132 year old Winchester rifle?

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    What a cool story LT. Even more interesting to me. Several years ago I was squirrel hunting in one of the older growth woods that comprise the family spread. I'd had a decent day, had a couple squirrels and was walking out to the pond which was about a mile away to try for a few bluegills with my pack rod before walking home. I'd never cut the woods the way I went to get to the pond. As I walked along, pretty much doing nothing I spotted a rifle, just like in the story, propped up against a tree. Browning lever action .22. It was pretty rusty, wood looked not horrible. I'm guessing it was out there a year, maybe two at the most. No idea how it got there or who it belonged to. Didn't belong to anyone who had permission to be in that woods that's for sure. I asked around a bit...nothing. I'm sure it will always remain a mystery. Gun wasn't salvageable, so I have it hanging on a peg in the barn as a "decoration".
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    Very cool story. Thanks for sharing.
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    I am thinking the guy is buried at that tree and his hat was on top of the rifle as a grave marker.

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