Winchester Rifle Found in Great Basin
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Thread: Winchester Rifle Found in Great Basin

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    Winchester Rifle Found in Great Basin

    So that's where I set my model 1873 down. Researchers puzzled by discovery of 1882 Winchester rifle.
    What a great discovery. Good that it will be on display in the park. Great Basin is a very nice fairly new National Park, lightly visited yet with stunning beauty. Lehman caves there has most every conceivable subterranean feature save cave diving..
    So Z can admire the Winchester but he would have to leave his scuba gear in the truck
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    Lots of rifles and shotguns leaning up against trees. They get hard to find really fast. Found a 2x7 Widefield scoped Marlin 336 chambered .35 Remington in a dead buck's antlers once. Looked like someone shot the deer, propped the rifle for a picture, buck came to and ran off, with the rifle in its antlers., then succumbed to its wound. Visited all the local gun shops and put up posters, but no claimers. Cleaned the rifle well and gave it to my son. He's killed a zillion deer with it. Never fired it because no interest in flat-nosed hunting bullets required by tubular magazines.

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    Here's a link to LT's original post on this so as not to confuse everyone.
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