So Q have you ever ran into a jackass tike this.
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Thread: So Q have you ever ran into a jackass tike this.

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    So Q have you ever ran into a jackass like this.

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    And that, Purple Penguins, is exactly why Qwerty has more than one video camera on board. However, I'd never blow the horn at any official vehicle no matter how fast the cop was going while yapping on his cell phone, texting, or typing on the laptop. I actually have video of one ODOT officer driving with a porn video playing on his laptop. No matter the cop's offense, cops act above the laws with impunity, have the power to ruin the lives of any citizen, and will almost always win in court because they hold a badge and a gun. However, in this case, the cop may be in the right about the trucker blowing his horn for no reason, unless the cop cut him off, but that is not the reason the trucker gave for blowing his horn. I think the cop acted in a very unprofessional manner by engaging in the argument, he should have just requested the papers and let it go at that. On the other hand, the trucker was being as big an ass as the cop. However, since we do not see the beginning and end of the story we'll never be able to really tell, will we?

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    Cop was pretty good about the entire mess....trucker made his point....end of problem.
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