Divorced guys so how far does the ex-wife live from you?
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Thread: Divorced guys so how far does the ex-wife live from you?

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    Divorced guys so how far does the ex-wife live from you?

    Mine is two streets over if I walk to the left side of my yard I can see her drive way over the thirteenth green, I have been married once and she is on # 5 so I have the problem. we stayed close so the kids could come and go .

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    No X here.
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    Thankful for all of my friends!!
    Not far enough...
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    On #5 might signal a problem......just sayin

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    Not sure the distance but Im in Atlanta metro, she in Tampa metro, about 8-9 hour drive I guess. We actually became pretty good friends a couple years after the divorce. Much less so since my girlfriend has been in the picture
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    Mine is a two hour drive from me. Like TWROG I became friends with mine also after a couple of years. Mainly because we had a daughter together. I promised myself that I would try to have an amicable relationship with her for my little girl's sake. We never got to the point where we would call each other just to "chat it up" but we always stayed in contact when it came to the child. I think my situation is a little A-typical compared to most guys. My ex and I both worked a rotating shift. 4 days on, 4 days off and 12 hour shifts. We worked opposite shifts and in the divorce parenting plan I made sure that I got my daughter on my 4 days off all year long for years. So I had to see my ex every 4 days for a very long time. Being friends to some degree made it easier on both of us I'm sure and also produced a great young lady that grew up around her divorced parents without all the usual ugliness that commonly accompanies it.

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    I've still got my original, and she is right here in the kitchen making coffee (and hopefully biscuits and sausage gravy...probably a good chance on that because Jack is usually sitting on my legs at this time of the morning and instead he is in the kitchen, a sure sign of cooking.) Heck, in well over a quarter of a century I don't even remember a harsh word. Of course, that requires some effort and technique:

    Borneo's rules on guns, fishing gear and tools. Initially a young married guy might think that gun, gear and tool sneaking is the way to go...stop, that's doing it wrong. For true marital bliss, you need to put those limited early acquisitions on display, pridefully tote them around, let her see them. Because, eventually she will become used to seeing that stuff, and she won't notice the difference between three fly rods and four. Nor four fly rods and five, to a wife, one saw looks like another, three looks like one. Guns become generic, a new one just blends in. And remember when questioned, the proper response is always "this old thing? had it for years." But never, never, let her see all your stuff in one place. Displaced storage is your friend.

    Works both ways, according to her she has been wearing the same old pairs of shoes for twenty years. Cast the blind eye my friends. It's even more fun when two play the game.
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    My first ex lives about a mile away. Never see her. Second ex lives about four miles. Haven't seen her in about three years. I don't hate them, but would be okay with "all my exes live in Texas".
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    I don't have a clue where she lives. Got married while in basic training in '67 and divorced in '70 when discharged. We both knew the marriage was a mistake and walked away without looking back. Nice lady but just not a fit. No kids.

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    Still on my first. Get divorced? Are you kidding, I got 23 years of training in on this one. ...or is that the other way around...
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