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Thread: Canadian Eh!!

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    Canadian Eh!!

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    Yep, I agree, that was excellent. Of course my mother and her family were all Canadian, so I recon I'm half way more inclined to enjoy the humor.
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    Really, you spell neighbour with a U!

    When we were in Whitehorse looking for one of those fancy dancy coffee places, I saw my first Tim Hortons. While not exactly looking for the stronger beer up there, I was satisfied!

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    Cool, Eh?

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    Two Points

    {1} Tim Horton's all over the place down here in is good, better than StarSucks for sure, and the price, while not cheap, is and the wife stop on our way home from visiting the kids/grandkids in Centerville, Ohio...nice one there.

    {2} Beer Stronger? Perhaps when it comes to Lager....but when you compare dark beers and ales, I'll take the American Brews.....

    The commercial was pretty good, regardless
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