Toyota prius: Most dangerous drivers?
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Thread: Toyota prius: Most dangerous drivers?

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    Toyota prius: Most dangerous drivers?

    So from I'll end up commutting 120miles on mostly freeway/highway. Thankfully on my BMW.
    Wonderful riding here but over the last few years I've noticed a trend and I'm wondering if it's me
    or imagined. I'd say 80% of the time if there is a slow vehicle snarling up traffic causing potantial
    hazards it will be a Toyota Prius. Esp if I make the mistake of travleing during commuter times.
    I mean like a vehicle going a steadfast 66mph in the fast lane when traffic is flowing at 70+ or the
    classic 60mph in slow lane when traffic is flowing 65 in slow lane and 75 in fast. Am I alone in this
    observation? I figure they is watching that economy gauge and not the road, pretty sure Pruises are not under powered.
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    Around here (lotsa farms) some of the slow drivers are pipe smoking older farmers in pickup trucks who don't seem to have anywhere to be in the near future.

    Then you always have the really old guy (or lady) in a Buick Le Sabre.


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    I do pass a lot of Prius' during my commute. I'm also tailgated by a lot of those big 4x4 jacked up pickup trucks with their fog or driving lamps on! Apparently they can't see the road they are so "jacked up". Giggle

    I own a F-250 4x4, but doesn't have fog/driving lamps...and I never tailgate...cause I'm out in the sticks

    Seriously, I find the less than speedy drivers and cars come in all makes and models. But it's really fun to talk bad about the Prius. It's the Edsel of our days! Sorry TW2013, it really looks hideous, but then again, I can make a KTM look bad.
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    I agree Prius drivers are the worst. Around here they generally drive like idiots, either so slow that its unbearable or they have total disregard for all traffic laws. Must be that since they are saving the world the rules don't apply to them.... I have a buddy that's a cop and he confirms the same. He writes a higher percentage of tickets to prius driver's vs other cars and its almost never for speeding, always other moving violations. Things like blowing stop lights, stop signs, failure to stop at crosswalks etc.

    I have a saying that all it takes to mess up a commute is one idiot in a prius.
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    I have seen the prius slow downs, but I think that its not limited to any one brand or model. I find that people in general are less attentive and courteous as they seemed at one point not that its ever been great. One of the biggest problems I see is that folks dont seem to understand that its the law to turn into the closest lane. IE not drift corners. If folks could actually negotiate a corner properly traffic flows quicker and cleaner. I love it when I follow the rule and some one almost plows me because they are trying to drift and get pissed about it. I also hate it when folks just need to be in the left lane just because. Drive all the way across town in the left lane going the same speed or slower that the right. then they have to cut someone off to make a last minute right hand turn. As far as the BMW I cant tell ya that one. I have a dodge 2500, BMW 530XIT, wifes subaru forester, all all three bikes. I drive them within all reason of the same.......... unless no one is looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arbolmano View Post
    ......................I'd say 80% of the time if there is a slow vehicle snarling up traffic causing potantial
    hazards it will be a Toyota Prius..................... I mean like a vehicle going a steadfast 66mph in the fast lane when traffic is flowing at 70+ or the
    classic 60mph in slow lane when traffic is flowing 65 in slow lane and 75 in fast............................
    I would say about 50% to 60% of the time it is a Prius holding up traffic.

    My feeling is if you are in the fast lane and the guy behind you wants to go faster then pull over. If in the slow lane and the guy behind you wants to go faster then he can pass you. But to be in the fast lane doing 65 when everybody else is doing 80 is just down right rude. But what I find incredibly inconsiderate is when two cars go along side by side at 65 so no one can pass, with nothing but clear freeway in front of them for a mile or two and 25 to 50 cars behind them driving along bumper to bumper. I have seen where this has lead to road rage and sooner or later I will witness a serious accident because of it.

    The trick is don't do anything stupid or get upset. It is not worth the potential trouble and expense. Tony
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    Its either a prius, subaru, or about any type of honda or toyota that the peace loving libs love to drive. I drive for a living and most of that mentality of drivers putting along whether its in the fast lane or not. Bloomington IN is the biggest liberal area around this part of the country and its full of them. If I come to a four way stop at the same time as a pruis etc I never wait for them to make a move. Every time you do they will wait then start to go as you do. Its something in their DNA. Almost all of them drive the same way. Same way with merging. You will see one stopped at the end of a merge lane while trying to get on the interstate. I dont give them a chance when they are merging onto the interstate either. 9 out of 10 people will slow down if you try to let them out them speed up when you do and get all pissy. If they want to merge onto the big road they will either wait or get on the gas and get out in front of me. Nothing pisses me of more than being in a semi and slowing down to 35-45 waiting on some jack weed to figure out if he wants to merge or not. Not all prius drivers are libs but count on most of them being that way. I drive a green corolla. End of rant

    is the Prius C the gas only version?
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    I've noticed many Prius drivers are driving slower like they are watching the mileage meter and trying to get every drop. its all about mind set, like corvette drivers most of them drive slower seems like thats because they are mostly all older. lets face it most people cant afford a toy like that untill they are older. Prius drivers are trying to maximize there fuel economy so they drive like they are trying to accomplish that.

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    Well said Tony as far as not doing anything stupid or getting upset even though it is challenging at times. It is so easy to assume everyone should drive with same enthusiasm, speed, and skills that we have. I get annoyed at all the above irritations but then remember that the self appointed moral police holding traffic back at the speed limit are trying to do what they think is correct, safe and legal; or that the confused elderly driver ahead may not have good eyesight or reactions anymore; or the timid driver who while insisting on not wanting to get stuck behind a semi pulls out in fast lane only to find themselves too afraid to pass may have little experience with mountain driving. That is when tolerance helps. What also helps is leaving for appointments five minute early rather than the five minutes late I did as a boy racer. Now I have time to coach them from inside my car " Come on Auntie, you can do it!"
    Some of the roads around here are a bit mountainous and twisty. Area gets many tourists. Many are flat-landers who are used to straight level roads and have limited experience cornering and insist on braking for each and every corner irregardless of how slow they are already going. So they may be zooming at 70 or so then come into the twisties and loose progressively 5 mph on every corner. 65, 60, 55, 50, 45, 40 mph on the freeway pinned in the fast lane. This is exasperating and usually results in unsafe passing by other angry drivers. I see this unnecessary braking all the time, even going up-hill. Makes me wonder why folks think they should brake just before , or in a corner. I usually accelerate.
    It used to be easy to anticipate and recognize probable bad drivers, they seemd to be the ones in Volvos. Fearfull of the driving experience they choose safest car made. Now Volvo makes sexier models and heavily advertises for a younger demophaph so perhaps Priuses are the new Volvo. It is rare to see the classic Volvo merging onto the freeway at 35mph these days. In the Bay area many wealthy chinese emigrated from Hong Kong in days leading to the PRC take-over. Without much driving experience from back home their wives were usually recognizable by their white Mercedes Benz 500s doing 45 mph on the freeway with poor lane discipline. I called them moving chicanes.
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