Time to win Powerball.
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Thread: Time to win Powerball.

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    Time to win Powerball.

    Single winner on a quick pick $2 ticket.

    First thing I'd do is buy a block of adjacent grave sites, then have those who loved me exhumed and reinterred in adjacent sites. I doubt most folks can imagine how difficult it is to walk from one site to another.

    Next thing I'd do is visit the pastor at the local FUMC the blacks attend and pay of the church's debts. They are struggling with the mortgage on their new facility, which they really did need and it is bare necessity for the size of the church and the scope of their work. Unemployment is running about 30% in the area and tithing is way down from what the church was getting before the Obama recession.

    Next I would look into a K-12 charter school focused on the International Baccalaureate Curriculum with a huge dose of Americana added. I'd set up 25% of the students with free or reduced tuition. Rules are simple: Behave or leave. No excuses. No second chances. No exemptions for athletic supporters' bratz.

    Then I'd hit the road. Sometimes I'd travel on the 'Glide, towing Tdub2 on a trailer, and just get a room wherever I ended up every night. Sometimes I'd use a RV as a mobile base and do day rides, relocate base, repeat.

    Then I'd buy an adorable Irish girl, at least 18, red hair, freckles, and green eyes, who is willing to pretend she actually shives a git about me.

    Finally, I'd keep my ears and eyes open listening for those on nearby paths whose lives are beating them down, and those who seem like they would make good choices I'd empower them to do so.Mo

    Money can't buy happiness, but broke can't buy anything.


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    Lottery or not if you ever find yourself in Maryland we would love to have you over for dinner.
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    Thanks. Pass through often, but never time to stop. I used to enjoy visiting with some of the ol' marsh rats on the Chesapeake in the olden days. There's a bit of old sc'ool country in them.

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